Chelsea Latimer

Chelsea was born in Denver, CO to an entertainment family. Her mother owned one of the most successful dance studios in the west, where Chelsea received dance training in ballet, jazz, modern, hip-hop and tap. During her childhood and through her teens Chelsea performed in various local professional theater productions, as well as performed across the country with her competitive dance company and training with some of the biggest, most respected names in the dance industry. Towards the end of her teen years Chelsea began writing music and working with producers in Los Angeles, which eventually led to her move to L.A. at 18.

Over the past ten years, Chelsea has lived in both NYC and L.A. and has performed across the world as a solo artist and in her former folk-rock band Eleanor, as well as a touring background singer. She has appeared as a background singer on X-Factor, The Voice and with Demi Lovato; The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Teen Choice Awards, Good Morning America, The View, Ellen, MTV Brazil, Britain's Got Talent and many more. 

In addition to her music background she's worked as an actress, writer, producer and more recently Director. 

With a background in the digital space, Chelsea has managed, created, curated and launched several successful campaigns, websites and content for major brands and high-profile celebrities including Nicole Richie and Dianna Agron. Chelsea ran her own personal blog Chelsea Talks Smack for a number of years and her writing has been seen on Thought Catalog, Elite Daily, BUST Magazine, Dance Spirit Magazine Online as well as several other blogs.

Over the past few years Chelsea has begun working with digital video creating her own content and producing, conceptualizing and directing various video content for websites like You, Me and Charlie and a video project for a non-profit called Base 11. 

With Chelsea's abundant background in the arts and various mediums of creativity, above all, she calls herself a Storyteller. Whether by song, by scene, by pen or by camera; sharing stories is the heart of it all for her.